What do you mean Real goat milk soap?

Far be it from me to impugn the nature of anyone's trade or profession, but a lot of the soaps sold at craft shows and farmers markets are just not "handmade". The purveyors buy a big block of glycerin, melt it in the microwave and pour it into a mold. They can even buy it with goat milk (of unknown origin) already added. Here at Wild Heaven Farm, our soaps are made by the old-fashioned cold process method and we milk our goats by hand twice a day, every day. In fact, all of our products are made from scratch, no pre-packaged bases, and that's a promise!

So what's so good about your soap?

There is actually a two-part answer to this very common question. On the 'goat milk' side, goat milk is chemically very compatible with human skin and helps your skin to retain its own moisture. Adding milk to our soap lowers its pH, which helps to maintain the natural pH of skin. Goat milk is also a natural source of Alpha-hydroxy acids. On the 'soap' side, the base recipe is made up of equal parts palm oil for a harder, longer lasting bar, coconut oil for good lather, and olive oil to be gentle and moisturizing. Each bar is 21.5% goat milk.

Well, my soap doesn't have lye in it.

Neither does ours. The lye ceased to exist when it mixed with the oil and became soap in a process called 'saponification'. And if you're talking about glycerin soap, glycerin is a product removed from regular soap, similar to the way cream is removed from whole milk.

Does your soap lather well?

Yes, it does. We use coconut and palm oil in our soaps to ensure that they lather well. The longer you lather, the better the bubbles will be. Remember, to be hygienic, you should wash your hands for twenty seconds, or as long as it takes to say you A-B-C's.

How long does your soap last?

A long, long time. In fact, the bar in our shower usually lasts nearly 2 months. Our soaps age for at least a month before sale because the longer soap "cures," the longer it will last. Your soap will last longer still if you don't leave it sitting in standing water between uses. Actual times will vary.

How long does it take to make a bar of soap?

It takes an hour, a day, a month and an hour to make each batch. It takes an hour to get everything mixed together and into the molds, a day for it to come out of the molds, and the soaps have to cure (e.g. to air dry and harder) for I spend another hour trimming the rough edges and wrapping the labels on so I can sell them.